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Visa and Consular

Netherlandsworldwide.nl is the government portal for people abroad who have dealings with the Dutch government, with information about services you may need if you live, work, study or travel abroad. Or if you are a non-Dutch national who wishes to live, study or work in the Netherlands. You can call any time of day or night on +31 247 247 247 or call local number 02-87587200 (press 1) for this service.

Visa applications, Dutch civic integration exams and legalisations of Taiwanese documents for use in The Netherlands are handled at the Netherlands Office Taipei on appointment. It also offers services for residents and citizens of the Netherlands on appointment, and serves as a point of contact in case of emergencies. Please register to the Informatieservice to be kept informed of the (security) situation abroad and if you want, registration at our office (only available in Dutch).

Please click here to schedule your appointment..

For scheduling an appointment for a Dutch civic integration exam, email TAI-CA@nlot.org.tw.

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A maximum of 100 applicants from Taiwan can participate in the WHP per year. To apply choose application category “Working Holiday Program (WHP)” in the appointment system. Every month limited WHP timeslots are released; if you see the message “No date(s) available for appointment” this means that all time slots are taken. You can try to schedule an appointment in the following month.

For questions about consular services of Netherlands Office Taipei, email: TAI-CA@nlot.org.tw.